[Grml] new possible solution for blind grml users and x programs

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Thu Jan 15 12:51:21 CET 2009

Doug (and Janusz)

links2 is maintained in Czechoslovakia and it does have support for java
though I know from experience that it does not always work. However, it
does allow me to negotiate my bank account successfully. Many banks use
java for verification and other things. You can launch links2 in text or
graphical modes without starting the X server by doing links2 -g for
graphical or simply links2 for textual.



Doug Smith wrote:
> What I need to do is to use the graphical browsers such as firefox.  The
> text mode ones are good enough only for some limited web browsing.
> However, if you go to any radio station site, or go to
> http://www.rfbd.org
> or go to any site that uses javascript or any kind of fancy new
> eye-candy for its core functionality, you're in for trouble.
> What I was trying to do is to get twin to work, then use the firefox
> that comes with the grml 2008.11 version to see if I can get on line
> that way.  If so, I was only going to use twin so that I could get on
> line with a sufficiently powerful browser to overcome all the scripting
> and java applet problems.

> Thanks.
> Doug Smith

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