[Grml] How to install GRML to one harddrive with Windows XP installed on this harddrive?]

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Sun Jan 4 03:53:03 CET 2009

Janusz wrote:

Thank You for ammazing cheatcodes. I Am having troubles. i can not boot,
probably it is because my EXT2 partition with Grlinux installation is number
like partition 5, it is because i had to create logical partition and inside
this i had to create EXT2 partition. I checked, if EXT2 file system is
readable by using other Linux distros, and yes, there are normal folders and

MM: That's right Janusz. The first logical partition is /dev/sda5 by

Ntldrl will probably not able to boot bootsect.sda3 file, there are
two errors. Firstly, computer halts and when i Am pressing keys, internal
sound speakers beeps, so keyboard buffer is full, it is a known signal, that
computer halted. And when i replaced c:\ by \bootsect.dat, computer halts
and when i press enter, it starts to reboot.

My bootsect.sda is having size 4,5 KB, and there are machine instructions,
so i think, that i copied right boot data file to NTFS.

MM: This is difficult without being able to see the errors. I'll have a
think about it.

Grub can not boot to Grml, and while i using live Cd and mounting SDA\5,
there are files, apt-get is working, but i can not log as my user name
specified during grml2hd installation process. And it is probably inpossible
to boot from live CD, mounting SDA5 device and then triing to install

MM: I don't understand why you cannot log in as a normal user. There is a
file in /etc/grml/ where the configuration is stored for using grml2hd in
a non-interactive way. This file can be edited in at your leisure and then
grml2hd can be done something  like this (except I'm not sure about the
exact capitalised words):

#  GRML2HD-NONINTERACTIVE  grml2hd partition=/dev/sdsa5 mbr=/dev/sda5
filesystem=ext3 user=janusz

MM: This ought to install OK - but I've said that before.

No,It's seems to me, that i will have to delete my logical and extended
partition and resize my primari NTFS partition to original size and i will
have to give it up. I have done my best. Grml2hd script is little
confusing, it gaves me several questions and unfortunately, asked me
twice, where to install boot loader and for my user name and password.
Eventhough i answerred for those question for twice time with a same
answer, somethink
probably gone wronk. That i can not switch users.

MM: I'm wondering if swspeak can only have a single user. I'll investigate
and ask the developers if I cannot find out. You have tried very hard and
it seems that there might be some possible improvement in clarity for
blind users in the grml2hd script.

Best Wishes

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