[Grml] [Fwd: Re: How to install GRML to one harddrive with Windows XP installed on this harddrive?]

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Sat Jan 3 22:08:03 CET 2009

Dear Janusz,

Yes from the LiveCD if you do hd it will boot from the hard disk.
Similarly hd1 or hd2 if you have two hard disks.

I am glad it worked out OK in the end.
I attach a file with all of the booting options. Don't know why they call
it cheat codes since it is not cheating.

If you can negotiate your way around it is possible to boot sda2 from the
cd using grub. I'll will try to work out the recipe for you to try. you
have to get to a grub commandline (so a grub boot floppy would do it) and
then do

grub>configfile (hd0,1)/boot/menu.lst

(hd0,1) is grub talk for sda2.
This will bring up the grub menu and you just press enter to boot grml.

There is a good method to make a copy of your XP partition with ntfsclone.
You need a back up medium such as a usb hard drive to save the disk image
on. It compresses all empty space. It is better than partimage but you
still need to back up the mbr separately with a dd command.

Thank you

Try moving the timeout command to the top of boot.ini You should then have
30 seconds to see the choice of what to boot grml or XP. Perhaps it needs
to be longer.

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Dear syr,

Do not be sad, i have installed GRML successfully, but unfortunately,
ntldr  can not boot to this system. I was not able to use the parameters
for using  parted to create logical partition, i had to create extended
partition  first, then to create ext2 file system inside this partition,
inside logical  partition. Copy process during installation has no
problems, everythink is  stored on Ext2 file system, but because i did not
want to corrupt my Windows  XP installation, i installed lilo to SDA2. I
will try to use external boot  manager to try to boot to The grml. But i
will probably had to use other  linux kernel from Cd to mount Ext2
partition and i will try to use system  from this kernel, but it is not
probably good idea.

Please, has GRML official live Cd option to boot from hard disk?

I do not have problems with sound cart, i can type grml swspeak, but only 
from live CD. My sound cart has been automatically detected.

So thank You for Your help. Yours instructions have been very nice
tutorial  for me, i was able to successfully create partition for GRML and
i was also  able to copy bootsect.sda3. So i will try to find out, if Ext2
partition is  containing readable installation or if i only created non
functional havoc.  Windows XP is intouched and can be normally used
without crashes.

So thank You again for Your detailed instructions about parted.

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