[Grml] feature request: port tazusb to grml

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Feb 11 19:05:37 CET 2009

* dny <mail2dny at gmail.com> [20090211 08:37]:

> i use grml a lot. like it a lot too.
> i install to usb with grml2hd and everything is fine.
> i boot my grml usb almost as much as my hdd.

> i just testing slitaz livecd and use the tazusb tools.
> imho, this tazusb is perfect way to install live distro to usb.

> please check it:
> http://www.slitaz.org/en/doc/manuals/tazusb.en.html

> the filesystem still compressed just like 'frugal' install
> only the /home folder is written directly on usb.

> this way, it minimize writes to usb, which prolong the flashdrive live.
> but, we can use tazusb writefs to write any changes to the rootfs.

> and if we do bad things to rootfs (sudo rm -rf /usr),
> we can easily boot and get back to previous state. nothing lost.
> (sort of like windows system restore, if any of you use windows....)

> enough says....
> can anyone port this tool to grml? or something similar....??

Looks like you aren't aware of grml2usb yet:


Notice that I'm re-implementing grml2usb right now, it will provide
many new options - including multiso support (this is rocking
awesome, trust me :)).

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