[Grml] feature request: port tazusb to grml

dny mail2dny at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 08:37:18 CET 2009


i use grml a lot. like it a lot too.
i install to usb with grml2hd and everything is fine.
i boot my grml usb almost as much as my hdd.

i just testing slitaz livecd and use the tazusb tools.
imho, this tazusb is perfect way to install live distro to usb.

please check it:

the filesystem still compressed just like 'frugal' install
only the /home folder is written directly on usb.

this way, it minimize writes to usb, which prolong the flashdrive live.
but, we can use tazusb writefs to write any changes to the rootfs.

and if we do bad things to rootfs (sudo rm -rf /usr),
we can easily boot and get back to previous state. nothing lost.
(sort of like windows system restore, if any of you use windows....)

enough says....
can anyone port this tool to grml? or something similar....??


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