[Grml] grml2hd no back-buttons

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Feb 3 00:42:17 CET 2009

* wonderer <wonderer4711 at gmx.de> [20090201 05:03]:

> I use grml for a quite some time so I did not recognize this before, but
> there seems to be no "back" Buttons e.g. in grml2hd (and maybe other
> tools I did'nt tested yet) and sometimes it would be nice to jump back
> before write something to the config or if you forgot to "mark"
> something with the spacebar (marked it, but (_) instead of (*) ) and ESC
> also is not working.
> I did'nt not found any hints that this "issue" exist on the list so I
> wondering if this was wanted so... maybe this could be "fixed" with the
> next release?!

Well, that's a feature request. ;)

I've forwarded it to our BTS:


Though that's no guarantee that it will become part of the next
release ;) - but patches are welcome of course!

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