[Grml] Remastering grml

Peter vmail at mycircuit.org
Mon Apr 6 14:12:35 CEST 2009

>> In short, I am asking, what is the recommended way to remaster grml 
>> 2008.11 with grml2008.11 as build environment ?
> No need for manual actions, grml provides all the relevant stuff for
> remastering out-of-the-box. :)
That is fantastic - and it even works :-)
Another question related to remastering grml.
I want to install apps inside the unsquashfs filesystem of the 
So I would use chroot and then for example apt-get. This works fine. 
However, when I want to configure the desktop ( for ex. fluxbox) inside 
the chroot, then I have to run grml-x as root , which is not supported.
What is the recommended way to chroot to grml-to-be-remastered as a 
normal user, in order to remaster user related stuff inside chroot ? 
schroot ?

Thank for any help.

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