[Grml] Poll: PATA vs. LIBATA

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Apr 6 16:20:00 CEST 2009

* Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> [20090402 11:28]:

> the grml team wants to collect feedback regarding the recent switch

> * PATA provides the old IDE subsystem (/dev/hdX), considered as
>   legacy code.
> * LIBATA is the new subsystem (/dev/sdX) with new features, but some
>   old IDE systems might not work with it.

> Please participate in the poll! => http://doodle.com/vr75tpe4a2p6mwvt

Oh my dear... I meant *IDE* (as in CONFIG_IDE) vs. LIBATA/PATA of
course. No idea what was riding me... (thanks to maks for the hint)
- sorry for that! :-/

In case you got a mail and are confused what just happend: the
question mark in the first column of the poll just visualises that
the option was adjusted by the poll admin (that's me). I just
replaced the word "PATA" with "CONFIG_IDE" (no further changes -
promissed :)) - and this caused to mark this option with the '?' on
every single vote (sorry, I wasn't aware of that when editing, yeah
not my best day ;-)).

But as all of you got the idea anyway and I've the answer I was
looking for I just closed the poll. The overall result:

40 participants

38 votes for 'Stay with LIBATA' and just two persons without
answering this option overall. So not a *single* vote for falling
back to the old subsystem code. This is great! :)

JFTR: I made a screenshot of the vote which visualises the result of
the poll before I edited it (regarding PATA/CONFIG_IDE):


We've 35 votes for 'grml 2008.11 boots fine on my system(s)',
5 votes without answering this question.

Just 3 votes for 'grml 2008.11 does not boot on my system(s)'.
I'd love to get hardware information from those people so I can
contact the LIBATA maintainers with according information!

Now, what's the benefit from using LIBATA? Mainly (improved) support
for Native Command Queueing (NCQ) and hotplugging - check out:


As Ubuntu, RedHat/Fedora/... chose to go with LIBATA-only and get
rid of old CONFIG_IDE as well I think it's the way to go in the long
run. And if you encounter any problems: *please* let us know!

Thanks to all of you who voted!

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