[Grml] When will the next release be out, and will the 64-bit version include speech?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sat Sep 27 14:01:04 CEST 2008

* Doug Smith <dougsmith1 at charter.net> [20080927 02:55]:

> Hi, I have been waiting for the new release.  I mentioned the spelling
> problem in the earlier version, and I know that that has all been fixed.
> However, I have bought a new 64-bit machine since that time, and have
> had to go to a graphical distribution.  

> It works ok, but I really miss all of my command line favorites.  I wish
> to know when the next release of grml will be availalble. 

The main reason for the delay is lack of working lzma support within

That's pretty unimportant (as in invisible :)) for the enduser
whereas it's very important for us to be able to provide the usual
ISO sizes without having to remove software to reach the size

I've just made big steps forward regarding lzma support within the
grml-kernel and I'm building some further test images right now
before I'll provide official new devel releases as soon as possible.
Release candidates for the new release will follow then as well. And
I'd welcome any testers for the devel and release candidate ISOs
(because raising the hands with "doesn't work for me at all" when
the stable release is available is a bit too late, sorry :))

> I would also like to know if the new 64-bit version will work with
> software speech.  I tried the current amd64 version, but got neither
> speech nor sound when running the following: 

> at boot: grml swspeak

> The system seems to boot ok, but, when it stops, I run 

> swspeak

> I hear the disk spin, but there is no speech nor is there any sound.  It
> seems to have something to do with the audio on this machine, because
> the listings of all the controls in aumix indicate that most of the
> volume settings such as mic, pcm, phin, phout, and more are missing.  

New speakup versions are present as modules and the boot process had
to be reworked therefore. I've just made some changes in our build
tool to support this feature. It needs to be tested but I hope to be
able to provide a working software speech setup with the next
release(s) as well.

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