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Mon Oct 27 22:50:17 CET 2008

Thank you so much, Frank and Richard, for your attention, and sorry for
taking your time.

Your considerations about my post are correct. Realising my mess, I tried
to track back how I came to grml site thinking it was incognito site,
but with no success. I'll stay curious about for a good time, though.

Well it was indeed about the incognito live-cd you have pointed out and it
simply happened to not boot completely in my machine. As to an hour ago I
realise it was for some hardware problem, as the same cd did mounted the gui
(kde) finely on my brothers computer (although the browser couldn't find any
webpage, even the network having internet connection ok). That seems to be a
lone guy work (still in beta condition), but promissing as a very useful
tool for those a "little bit" paranoid on computer/internet security. The cd
even erases the ram at shutdown to avoid eventual cold boot attack... :-))

So finally I came to this list just for us to have a nice meeting. It was
great to see your concern on my problem and I will not forget. Thank you for
your directions and maybe will meet again. Open source is showing to me now
its richness. Congratulations to you all.

Best wishes,

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