[Grml] An Intro-and-Other Items?

chime at hubert-humphrey.com chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Mon Oct 27 04:28:35 CET 2008

I must have sent to another address for this list, as my message bounced.
First, I asked on the speakup list-and-it was suggested I join this list for discussion-and-solutions.
    First of all, for any who are not on blind-l, blinux, or speakup, a bit of an 
    I got my first PC-and-started on CompuServe in 1994, tried Jaws in late 97, but 
    finally left windows completely here at home in 2006.  I have had shell 
    accounts since 1995, but the transition from understanding DOS to understanding 
    unix/linux commands, are a chalenge.
    Now, we installed GRML on my Laptop, the full nearly 700MB version.  We 
    successfully have IBM TT Synth working.  Speakup is more or less talking.
    So here are my issues:
    #1 When speakup is reading, it is spelling most words, however in screen-review 
    it is fine.
    #2 The cursor seems to be highlighting a random line, such as 19, instead of 
    the most current text.
    #3 Where are any power management settings?  After an hour or so, I am 
    automaticly logged out of any consoles.
    #4 Once I rebooted the laptop, now speakup volume is much loer-and-the insert 2 
    will not alter anything.
    #5 Can I run Y A S R with TT Synth?  Seems like anytime I go in the YASR 
    options pannel, I can never save settings, as speech drops dead.
    #6 And in the setup screen for e-mail settings to join this list, it mentions 
    you can set filters in receiving messages.  Well, in L Y N X  I saw no way to 
    do that.
    Thanks in advance for any-and-all solutions

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