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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Oct 5 12:44:47 CEST 2008

* T o n g <mlist4suntong at yahoo.com> [20081004 23:56]:

> I found my aufs mount behaves not as expected. 

> According to the example from manpage, aufs mount behaves like this:

>        # mount -v -t aufs br:/day0:/base none /u
>        none on /u type aufs (rw,xino=/day0/.aufs.xino,br:/day0=rw:/
> base=ro)
>        # mount -v -o remount,\
>             prepend:/day1,\
>             xino=/day1/xino,\
>             mod:/day0=ro,\
>             del:/day0 \
>             /u
>        none on /u type aufs (rw,xino=/day1/xino,br:/day1=rw:/base=ro)

> But mine like this:

> $ mount -v -t aufs -o br:/day0:/base none /u
> none on /u type aufs (rw,br:/day0:/base)

> $ mount -v -o remount,prepend:/day1,mod:/day0=ro,del:/day0 /u
> none on /u type aufs (rw,br:/day0:/base,prepend:/day1,mod:/day0=ro,del:/
> day0)

> See, /day0 show up 3 times in mtab. But according to the manpage, it 
> should be removed from aufs mount table. 

> Anybody knows why (and fix)? 

Quoting the manpage of aufs:

| If you dislike the difference between the aufs entries in /etc/mtab
| and /proc/mounts, and if you are using mount(8) in util−linux
| package, then try ./mount.aufs script.

So running:

# ln -s /usr/sbin/mount.aufs /sbin/mount.aufs

then produces:

# mount -v -t aufs -o br:/aufs/day0:/aufs/base none /aufs/u
none on /aufs/u type aufs (rw,si=e1c098b6,xino=/aufs/day0/.aufs.xino,br:/aufs/day0=rw:/aufs/base=ro)
# mount -v -o remount,prepend:/aufs/day1,mod:/aufs/day0=ro,del:/aufs/day0 /aufs/u
none on /aufs/u type aufs (rw,si=e1c098b6,xino=/aufs/day0/.aufs.xino,br:/aufs/day1=rw:/aufs/base=ro)

I've sent a bugreport to the Debian BTS asking why aufs-tools
installs the mount script in /usr/sbin - see #501184

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