[Grml] How grml cd image is created

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Nov 17 23:36:49 CET 2008

* Darshaka Pathirana <dpat at syn-net.org> [20081117 20:39]:
> On 16.11.2008 19:34, Michael Prokop wrote:
> > * T o n g <mlist4suntong at yahoo.com> [20081116 16:09]:

> >> Quick question, how the grml cd image is created (from a directory)?

> > grml-live -a i386 -s sid -c GRMLBASE,GRML_FULL,LATEX_CLEANUP,RELEASE,I386 \
> >           -o /grml-live/grml2008.11-rc1 -v 2008.11-rc1 -g grml \
> >           -r Schluchtenscheisser $BUILDONLY -V

> Ok. This is also something I wanted to ask a few times...

> But what makes me really curios is the following:

> It seems that grml-live downloads all the necessary packages from
> debian/sid acccording to the configuration block
> (GRMLBASE,GRML,etc.) (and maybe customizes some configuration?).


> So here's the tricky part: how can I force to create the exactly
> same grml-version with exactly the same package-versions when going
> on in time? How can I be sure that the same package versions are in
> grml2008.11-rc1 one week later (where possibly some packages have
> been updated in sid)?

That's why I added the -b option to grml-live:

,---- [ http://grml.org/grml-live/ ]
| -b
| Build the ISO without updating the chroot via FAI. This option is
| useful for example when working on stable releases: if you have a
| working base system/chroot and do not want to execute any further
| updates (via "-u" option) but intend to only build the ISO.

So right now I've the following grml-live chroots on the build

# ls -d1 *(/)

Only selected updates take place in the chroots and I don't recreate
the chroots from scratch for rc2/stable release but use grml-live
with the -b option to update the ISO only.

Related to your question, one nifty feature for grml-live is on my
todolist: support creation of a chroot which is based on an existing
release ISO - so you don't even have to build the system from
scratch but can base your own ISO on an existing (known to work)

> The second question is how the grml-kernel(-package) is created and
> maintained with it configuration and all its patches?  I found
> grml-kernel.git (and the build-scripts) in the git-repos[1] but is
> there really nothing like git-buildpackage for debian-kernels?

> [1] http://git.grml.org/?p=grml-kernel.git;a=summary

> Thanks for this great distri and thanks for any infos?

We use git for the version controll stuff, make-kpkg for building
our kernels and module-assistant for all the addon packages.

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