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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Mar 18 11:27:15 CET 2008

* martin yazdzik <yazdzik at nyct.net> [20080318 04:25]:

> A bit more on the Dell Latitude D930 grml install

> grml 1.1 just drops to "can't access tty job control off"

> mint linux, which works perfectly except for the sound issue,
> well-known, lists the dvd driver as the first scsi drive and the hdd as
> the second, contrary to all other laptops I have used

> grml 1.0 shows more, as when seeking the cdrom after intial sequence, it
> keeps tyring to find hdc, so this leads me to believe there is a
> sata/pata issue not in either kernel, but somewhere in the installer.

> this is very new equipment, santa rosa chip, so I have little hope, but
> if mint works, why should not grml ?

> Is the ICHM 8 sata controller no supported for some reason?

Yeah, this might be a PATA<->libata regression, sorry. Please give
us some time, we are working on that issue - as soon as we have a
new devel release with a new kernel version I'll let you know.

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