[Grml] netboot for grml-small

Markus Wigge mwigge at marcant.net
Thu Mar 13 10:53:06 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

is there any documentation how to generate a netboot package for grml-small?

I'm already able to boot the grml-small kernel via PXE but I don't know 
how to generate an apropriate initrd.

And in my case I'd also like to modify the init script inside the 
initrd, as I did with the older version, to fetch the squashfs image 
using http to a ramdisk because I don't want to setup an NFS server for 
that network.

I already got that running with the old grml-small release but I used 
the normal grml netboot package and hacked in the kernel modules and 
stuff manually which was too ugly to do it again ;-)


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