[Grml] starting grml with loadlin/linld/grub4dos

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Mon Mar 3 21:47:00 CET 2008


last weekend i have installed grml 1.1 with help from my brother onto a  
partition of my normal pc, onto a sd-card (4 GB) for my eePc and onto an  
usb-stick (2 GB)

On my normal pc i started the live-cd and start speakup, brltty, change  
the /etc/grml2hd/config. After that i start grml2hd -i for the  
installation. I use /dev/hdc6 for mbr and root-partition.
The vmlinuz and the initrd.img and the menu.lst i copied onto my dos- 

I want to start the grml with linld. So i create a linld.par with the  
following options:

speakup_synth=apollo speakup_ser=0 lang=de vga=nrmal blind  
brltty=vo,usb,text.de.tbl root=/dev/hdc6 ro

I start linld image=linux26 initrd=initrd.img from the directory, where  
the files are in.

But i don't have any success. any ideas.

To install grml onto a 4 GB sd-card on my eeePC, we start grml from an  
external usb-dvd-drive, change the config file and start grml2hd -i. The  
sd-Card is /dev/sda1, I have insert a new empty card and i do not change  
the partitiontyp or so. The installation was successfull, but the eeepc  
did not boot from the sd-card. We changed the boot-device so, that at  
first is removable medium, then the external devd/cd and then the hd.

My normal card-reader for my pc did not read the 4 GB cards, only the eePc  
will read such cards.

Any help will be great.

With the grml2usb i have created a bootable usb-stick. But the stick did  
not boot. I have looke with fdisk -l /dev/sda for the boot flag is set.  
The boot flag (*) is set correct.

Thanks and regards


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