[Grml] RC 1.1 troubles (ignore last post)

C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at cox.net
Tue Jan 8 01:12:02 CET 2008

Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> writes:
> Use readcd (something like "readcd -c2scan dev=/dev/cdrom") for
> checking the CD. md5sums sadly just aren't enough. :((

I get two "hard read errors".  They occur in the last 2 sectors of the
disk (317059 and 317060).

> I strongly recommend the use of USB pens instead of CD-Rs if
> possible, otherwise fall back to higher quality CDs which are known
> to work fine with your CD burner. That's what we as grml developers
> do as well. :)

I think another option (for me, at least) is btmgr.  This box has a
floppy drive on it.
Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is that the bootable CD is not
the infallible medium that I thought it was <grin>.

Thank you for the assistance,
-- Chris

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