[Grml] RC 1.1 troubles (ignore last post)

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Jan 3 13:42:09 CET 2008

* D. Pathirana <dpat at syn-net.org> [20080103 13:32]:
> On 01.01.2008 22:05, C.M. Brannon wrote:

> > It seems unusual that the 1.1 RC1 disk won't boot, while the 1.0 CD
> > will boot.
> > I'm running without a monitor, so the boot sequence isn't visible. I
> > should probably ask someone to connect a monitor and read the boot
> > sequence to me, but that's a big hastle. Am I missing something here?
> > Is anyone else booting the 1.1 RC1 live CD with speech?

> I think can confirm you're problem but I believe that the problem is
> unreleated to swspeak. See http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue348 for more
> details.

I don't think that your problems have something in common, due to:

| But instead of booting the CD, I was presented with my hard-disk
| installation of grml.

IMHO on Chris' system the CD is never ever being read and therefore
his harddisk system is booted instead.

Chris, any chance you can boot your system with someone in front who
sees whether the grml bootscreen is present at all? swspeak itself
should work just fine, I got some reports that it's working great -
I'll test it on my own as well as soon as I've some spare minutes.
Would be great to know at which stage your system fails to boot.

Darsha: regarding your problem I think it's either a kernel issue, a
problem with the initrd or with syslinux - let's track the problem
down together.

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