[Grml] 1.1 rc1 - a small problem with "bouncing window"...

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Jan 2 14:53:13 CET 2008

[adding cc to mailing list again]

Andy Elvey wrote:

> The  window  appears just before X starts.  You're
> correct in that the mouse pointer moves "below" the window.  The monitor
> is an "AOC LM925"  -  AOC is the manufacturer.  It is a VGA one.

Okay. After figuring out that "AOC Monitor Australia/New Zealand" sells
different monitors than "AOC Europe", it was easy to get to the manual:


Okay. Now boot your Linux that works. Then press the rightmost button on
your monitor (MENU) to get into the OSD menu (if this does not work,
someone locked the OSD menu. Read page 8 of the manual - OSD Lock
function - on how to unlock it). Use Left and Right (the keys left and
right from the power button) to move to the "Information" icon (that
looks like a "i" in a circle) and press MENU again. It will show screen
resolution and horizontal and vertical refresh rate (i.e. three values).
Exit from the OSD with the EXIT button (leftmost button). Post them here :)

If you want, you can repeat this inside GRML. Page 18 of the manual
lists "suggested refresh rates", but it does not list all supported
ones. For 1280x1024 it suggests 60Hz or 75Hz.

> < rant directed at the bouncy window's designer - not directed at you or
> grml... > 

Drop your rant here: http://www.aocmonitor-anz.com/contact.php :)

> Very poorly-thought-out by the bios people or whoever.....  </rant>

It's not the BIOS. In fact, it is not inside your PC at all.

VGA signals are designed for CRT monitors. So, your LCD panel needs a
microcontroller chip that converts the signal so that it can be used on
the LCD.

That microcontroller will display OSD error messages on the screen -
they are *not* present in the signal that goes from PC to monitor. Buy a
monitor from a different manufacturer next time *g*.
(By the way, it sounds a bit silly that the RAMDAC chip on your graphics
card converts the image in the frame buffer to analog signals and your
LCD panel convert them back to digital. But that is how it works if you
use a VGA connector).


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