[Grml] JFYI: short downtime of grml-mailinglists

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Feb 22 17:29:10 CET 2008


the grml mailinglists will experience a short downtime on this
weekend, see the mail of our provider mur.at (timezone is CET):

,---- [ quoting NOC of mur.at ]
| tomorrow, saturday, feb. 23. 2008, our fibre channel uplink to the ACO
| net will be shut down between 9pm and 12pm due to construction work. our
| second uplink should keep us online, though with considerably reduced
| bandwidth.
| on sunday, feb. 24. 2008, we will perform a slightly delicate procedure
| (software upgrades) for which we will have to temporarily shut down
| mail- and web-services in the time between 6pm and 12pm.
| sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks to mur.at for downtime announcment and thanks for hosting.

JFYI && regards,
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