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martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Sun Feb 10 12:55:13 CET 2008

Now, since you encouraged me -

When running the dist-upgrade unstable,  grub,  which I have installed
to the partition which I use for testing things, for obvious reasons,
reverts to calling the drives by the (hd0,0) &c, which should work fine.

However, in removing all the appended lines, including UUID, the sata
needs(ide1=noprobe &c) and setting them to default values, the system no
longer recognises the boot partition.

Your workaround is correct, i e, somehow boot into the system(there is a
live cd from Austria that helps a lot in doing stuff this) run update,
add the necessary parameters, re-install grub to the appropriate place,
and go.

Why the aptitude install erases the menu.lst in favour of a default I
cannot say, but the workaround is simple.

Thanks, Mika, as usual, since your workaround indeed worked.

Now, of course, I can no longer figure out why udev works differently
with lilo, but the exercise was fun.

Gruesse aus NY,


Fronti nulla fides
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