[Grml] z shell question

Maurice McCarthy moss at mythic-beasts.com
Sun Feb 10 11:23:37 CET 2008

I've seen similar errors on starting the zshell also.

/etc/zsh/zshrc:[:816: too many arguments
/home/moss/.zshrc.global:[:773: too many arguments

cat -n /etc/zsh/zshrc | grep -C5 ' 816'
   811         get_3ware
   812       }
   813    fi
   815  # I hate lacking backward compability, so provide an alternative therefore
   816    if ! [ -x $(which apache2-ssl-certificate) ] ; then
   817     function apache2-ssl-certificate(){
   819       print 'Debian does not ship apache2-ssl-certificate anymore (see #398520). :('
   820       print 'You might want to take a look at Debian the package ssl-cert as well.'
   821       print 'To generate a certificate for use with apache2 follow the instructions:'

cat -n /home/moss/.zshrc.global | grep -C5 ' 773'
   768       alias debs-by-size='grep-status -FStatus -sInstalled-Size,Package \
   769                  -n "install ok installed" | paste -sd "  \n" | sort -rn'
   770    fi
   772  # if cdrecord is a symlink (to wodim) or isn't present at all warn:
   773    if [ -L /usr/bin/cdrecord -o ! -x $(which cdrecord) ] ; then
   774       if [ -x $(which wodim) ] ; then
   775          alias cdrecord="echo 'cdrecord is not provided under its original name by Debian anymore.
   776  See #377109 in the BTS of Debian for more details.
   778  Please use the wodim binary instead' ; return 1"

dpkg --list/*
ii  zsh                        4.3.4-dev-8-1              A shell with lots of features
ii  zsh-doc                    4.3.4-dev-8-1              zsh documentation - info/HTML format
ii  zsh-lovers                 0.7.0                      tips, tricks and examples for the zsh
ii  zsh-static                 4.3.4-dev-8-1              A shell with lots of features (static link)
un  zsh30-static               <none>                     (no description available)

Regards to all 

I love learning about my system and I continue to be astonished how well grml provides me with the opportunities to do 


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