[Grml] grml 1.1 works!

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 17:31:51 CET 2008


I found a linux distribution that works! it's an older one with software 
speech. it's grml 1.1. and it works good. So, vibuntu may not work on this 
machine, but oralux and grml 1.1 work fine. ok, so now I have a question. 
can someone tell me, keeping in mind that I have never used linux before in 
my whole entire life, I am a complete newby to grml and commandline linux. 
But if I am going to be a network administrator I will need to learn some 
kind of Linux distribution, what matters is that it has a Linux kernel which 
of course, grml has it because it's Linux... so, can someone give me an 
introduction to it? my wife's machine has a virus in it called 
c:\windows\system32\drmclienp.dll . pay attention to spelling. so I want to 
delete this file and therefore get rid of the virus. but windows will not 
let me access the file. so how do I do this using grml linux 1.1? Also, will 
voxin work with grml linux? And also, can someone tell me how to partition 
my hard drive and install grml Linux1.1 alongside Windows xp? grml1.1 uses 
ESpeak for speech.


email: jkenn337 at gmail.com
msn: kenn6498ku at hotmail.com

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