[Grml] awesome problem

Chaitat Piriyastit chaitatp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 04:20:26 CET 2008

Thanks, Mika.

How can I reinstall the packages I missed?  The packages that exist in the
grml image.

Right now, as I have to install alpine, I have already downloaded around 4
debian packages, installed and then I can install alpine (.deb).  alpine
requires some installed libraries.  These lib exists in the live cd
version.  However, with grml2hd installed on my flash drive, they are not
there.  I think I might miss something.  Those library might exist in the
server version that I might skip.

Chaitat Piriyasatit

... waking up to pee and see whats up online

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 4:14 AM, Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> wrote:

> * Chaitat Piriyastit <chaitatp at gmail.com> [20081230 04:51]:
> > I have just installed grml2008.11 on my flash drive using grml2hd and
> > awesome does not have that problem any more.  I suspect that it only
> occurs
> > when I run on the live cd.
> Strange, especially since we don't touch the awesome configuration
> at all.
> > By the way, is there a way to have everything installed with grml2hd so
> that
> > my system will be the same as in the live cd (in terms of the software
> > packages).  I feel like they are not the same.
> grml2hd copies the running live system to harddisk.
> One exception: the script remove-packages-server - which is
> integrated within grml2hd - provides the option to remove some
> packages you usually don't want to have on your harddisk. Either
> skip the package removal within grml2hd or re-install the packages
> you need later on again.
> regards,
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