[Grml] Remastering grml64

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Dec 2 23:53:29 CET 2008

* Markus Wigge <mwigge at marcant.net> [20081202 12:31]:

> > Now I am trying to do the same with grml64-small, which proves to be
> > quite a challenge. I am no longer able to mount the file with the root
> > filing system... squashfs doesn't recognise it even though the name
> > suggests its a squashfs filing system in a file
> > (live/grml64-small.squashfs).
> I had the same problem but figured out, that grml 2008.11 uses a new
> patched version of squashfs with lzma support. I had to build this stuff
> by hand for CentOS: http://www.squashfs-lzma.org/

> Maybe someone should put an hint on this on a prominent position to the
> website!


I hope that's prominent enough, if not please suggest where it
could be mentioned as well.

> Then I was able to do "unsquashfs" the image to a directory.

> Only the repackaging still troubles me a bit as the resulting image is
> significant bigger than the original :(

grml-live does the magic. Check out:
and especially:

HTH && regards,
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