[Grml] recovery from mkfs error?

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Mon Apr 21 18:33:01 CEST 2008

* Jan-Pieter Jacobs <janpieter.jacobs at gmail.com> [080420 13:50]:
> First of all, if you have the place to make a full image of the disk
> (using dd/dd_rescue/whatever) do it before you do anything else.
> Then tools that might proof usefull:
> * gpart: can automatically restore the old filesystem if you're lucky.
> * autopsy: lets you browse deleted files via a webbrowser
> * testdisk: scans and repairs lost partitions
> * photorec: usefull for easy recovery of pictures on the partition
> * magicrescue: does about the same as photorec, but for abitrary
> 			filetypes.
> That are the tools I know of (and those I actually used)

Thanks! I'll try this out soon as I have another disk lined up.
In any case, at least I'll get to learn about some new tools.


John Magolske

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