[Grml] grml-live-remaster script (problem with mkisofs)

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Sun Nov 11 20:46:45 CET 2007


I built a script that should enable you to remaster a grml from the live
cd like this:

- mount some swap (if you don't have unlimited RAM *g*)
- mount a disk where the ISO should end up on
- If you use grml-small, install mksquashfs and mkisofs
- grml-live-remaster /path/to/remastered-grml.iso
  * it will build a new aufs based on /remaster/tmp and /remaster/cdrom
    (which are mounted first)
  * then it drops you into the chroot so you can "remaster"
  * then it will open the last two lines of boot.msg in $EDITOR so you
    can edit the start screen message
  * then it will create a new squashfs and iso image, and cleans up
    after itself.
  * but it will leave the boot.msg and /remaster/tmp intact, so if you
    do not like the result (for example because it is too large for your
    CD-R) you can just run it again and continue where you left.
- reboot to Windows/whatever and burn the CD
- have fun

Unfortunately, the build CD does not boot and drops me into busybox. But
I guess this is only a bug in the mkisofs line, since the filesystem
layout looks fine for me. And it is quite time consuming to test it
within grml-small and installing mksquashfs and mkisofs after every reboot.

mika: can you look if you find the bug? and if you found it, can you
include it into next grml? It is very useful to be able to remaster grml
on virtually any PC without having to repartition anything first.

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