[Grml] followup to boot-hang

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed May 30 09:13:03 CEST 2007

* yazdzik <yazdzik at nyct.net> [20070529 21:15]:

> So, I did the quick and ugly, violent and disgusting solution:

> I changed fstab first line to plain old /dev/sda4 and got rid of the
> uuid stuff in the lilo append.

> Now, I am writing from the new fangled grml 1.0.

> However, having done this, aside from the schuldgefuehl, I would like to
> know what went wrong with mounting via the uuid, why we do so in the
> first place, and so on.

Mounting by UUID provides a stable device path to the appropriate
device. Stable as in "the device will be always the right one". Why
it does not work on your box is strange, but let's find out what's
going on.

> Since there are stupid things that do not work on my .9 box, like
> axiom(really!) and everything works here, for now, I would like to move
> all production laptops to grml 1, but need to know that everything will
> work.

> So, the question is: what changed to disable the mounting via uuid?

A very good question. :) I'm not aware of any relevant changes in
grml packages.

Can you please provide me the /etc/fstab you have been using so far
and which does not work any longer? When booting into your system
using the "old /dev/sda4", can you please provide output of:

  ls -la /dev/disk/by-uuid/

And finally: what's inside your /boot/grub/menu.lst or
/etc/lilo.conf (depending on the bootmanager you are using)?

> I suspect it is something I disabled in the runlevel.conf to speed
> booting along.

You can find the original reference file as
/etc/runlevel.conf.hdinstall - can you please give it a try to check
booting via UUID using this file? (Make sure you back up your
original/old file.)

> Also, while on that topic, there has to be a way to complete disable and
> remove all raid like things from boot-up for laptops, no?

Yes, there's an according dialog within grml2hd, you can run it
later on too by invoking 'grml-setservices'.

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