[Grml] TTYS 4 and 5

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri May 25 09:50:11 CEST 2007

* Andri Handoko <aphandoko at yahoo.com> [20070525 05:15]:

>   I'm using the grml-small 0.3. There are only 4 serials, ttyS0 - ttyS3, in
> /dev folder, and I'm trying to use /dev/ttyS4 and /dev/ttyS5.
> I created the ttyS4 and ttyS5 manually in /etc/init.d/bootlocal.last.  Use
> the mknod to create the device and setserial to assign the port and
> interrupt channel. Please see the list of commands below:


> The setserial command returns "/dev/ttyS#: No such file or directory" for
> both devices where # is 4 and 5.
> Is this because the kernel only support up to 4 serial devices? if this is
> the case, is CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS is the variable that I have to
> change, "CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS=4" to "CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS=6"
> in the grml-small kernel configuration?

It looks like that, yes. I found #377151 (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2006/07/msg00266.html) and
added it to our BTS (see http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue224) so
I will adjust the configuration with the next kernel build too.

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