[Grml] Re: Suspend resume bugs

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu May 24 21:55:27 CEST 2007

* Mark <27e3kk302 at sneakemail.com> [20070524 20:15]:

> > "If you don't want to contribute but prefer complaining"

> This is silly.  I'm contributing valid bug reports with complete
> hardware data sheets.  Not to mention the various ideas and articles and
> other tests contributed over time.

I really appreciate your feedback but you seem to prefer writing
mails instead of trying what I wrote.

> If you can explain what makes the test hardware weird or unusual, I'm
> all ears.  It's as average and normal as a PC can get.  (That's why we
> test with it.)

Again: it's a kernel regression. Neither a hardware bug nor a
problem you or I can fix. So once more: test newer kernel(s) and if
that still does not fix the problem, we have to find the patch that
caused the regression (via using git bisect) so we can contact
kernel upstream and tell them "look, that patch caused problems".

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