[Grml] Re: booting from external disk

August C. Quint augustq at gmx.net
Thu Mar 22 16:11:34 CET 2007


and thanks Michael for your reply.

>> Maybe using Grub instead is worth a try.
I think we should first try to solve problem #2.

>> Sorry no idea yet. Can you please provide me a screenshot of the
>> booting process where it hangs? 
Sorry, I don't know how to make a screenshot in this stage of booting. And I 
don't have a digital camera (yet). So I try to write down the lines visible:
the last lines before the problem happesn are related to raidx, so here it 
    Success: loaded module raid456
    Success: loaded module raid5
    Success: loaded module raid6
    Modprobe: FATAL: Module raid10 not found
    Begin: Assemblying all MD arrays ...

Now I get 6x the lines:
    usb 2-2: reset high speed USB device running ehci_hcd and address 2
followed by
    sd: 0:0:0:0: SCSI error: return code = 0x00050000

And this will continue.

It looks like it accessed the disk successfully but it tries to access the 
single disk as a raid-disk in this stage (but I'm no expert here).

What can I do? Which information do you need?

>> Oh, and you might want to try to use root=UUID=... instead of
>> root=/dev/sd[a-z]... so you can make sure your system uses the
>> correct device for booting.
where do I have to put these modifications (I'm no expert here) ?
I guess: I can use Knoppix to boot the machine and look for the file lio.conf 
(or so) on this external harddisk. Right?


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