[Grml] grml2hd with a preexisting partition

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Mar 11 13:04:26 CET 2007

* C.M. Brannon <cmbrannon at cox.net> [20070311 04:15]:

> I just discovered Grml recently.  I want to install it on my laptop's
> hard drive, using grml2hd.
> The laptop already runs Slackware 11.0.
> I chose a really lousy partitioning scheme when I installed Slackware:
> /dev/hda1, /boot, approx 40Mb
> /dev/hda2, swap, approx 512 Mb
> /dev/hda3, /, the remaining 19.5 Gb

> I don't want to get rid of /home when I install Grml, because it holds
> several gigabytes of assorted files.
> Is it possible to make grml2hd install to /dev/hda3 without destroying
> /home?

Generic answer: no.

Hacker's answer without any guaranty (everyone has backups, right? :)):
adjusting the initialize() function within /usr/sbin/grml2hd
(deactivating the $MKFS and tune2fs lines) might do what you want.

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