[Grml] bloody raid

my yazdzik at nyct.net
Tue Mar 6 19:59:42 CET 2007

Dear Mika,

thanks for you reply when you are so busy - as always, you are the best.

I suspect you know more about everything than I know about anything,
and, believe me, your savvy is deeply appreciated.

Funny story, my son's friend, 13, installed ubuntu, hated it, because it
was "sissified". (not the word he used ;) )  I gave him a grml cd, told
him to ring me if there were any issues.  I never heard from him, so I
asked him a week or so later if he needed help.  He said, "nah, it took
about twenty minutes to install it, about a half hour to figure how how
the f---- to get a gui and I spent a couple of hours installing shit.
It took two or three days to figure out that I needed the ipod aac thing
and not the plain ipod, 'cuz hackers are idiots and don't know what
people need. They should put ipod as the first thing to do....."

So, you now have the "arrogant teenager TÜV pikerl"
.... apparently, you are cooler than Shuttleworth at the moment.  

Best wishes,


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