[Grml] adp94xx driver

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jun 25 19:38:07 CEST 2007

* David Koski <david at kosmosisland.com> [20070625 17:15]:
> On Monday 25 June 2007 01:58, Michael Prokop wrote:
> > * David Koski <david at kosmosisland.com> [20070625 06:15]:

[adp94xx kernel module]

> > IIRC adp94xx has been integrated as aic94xx in mainline 2.6.19.

> > % uname -a
> > Linux funkenzutzler 2.6.20-grml #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Apr 22 13:28:02 CEST
> > 2007 i686 GNU/Linux % modinfo aic94xx | grep description
> > description:    Adaptec aic94xx SAS/SATA driver

> > Please correct me if I'm wrong (I don't own an Adaptec SAS/SATA
> > controller).

> I don't believe the aic94xx driver is the same as adp94xx, which has
> proprietary code.  Given Debian's strict policies, I would be
> surprised if they adopted adp94xx code.  I tried to install a
> modified Debian stable (2.6.18 kernel + aic94xx) install without
> success.  That when it was indicated to me that the adp94xx is
> needed.  RedHat reportedly comes with adp94xx drivers, which are
> required for my specific Adaptec chip.  I was hoping grml had them
> too, as indicated in the README.

Well, did you try grml 1.0 with aic94xx? A short look at the code of
adp94xx indicates that it seems to be quite the same as current
aic94xx. JFTR: Debian's policies has nothing to do with
adp94xx/aic94xx itself - especially as grml's kernel has (basically)
nothing to do with Debian's one. ;) The aic94xx code went in
mainline (as in kernel.org) and not just in Debian's kernel.

Regarding adp94xx there have been several problems with different
kernel versions. Check out Jimmy's weblog on that issue:


I'll try to check out with Jimmy what's current state of adp94xx/
aic94xx. My current state of information is that aic94xx is what you
use with >=2.6.19 if you used adp94xx before.

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