[Grml] how to turn off / control the usb led display?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Wed Jul 11 14:38:18 CEST 2007

* Andri Handoko <aphandoko at yahoo.com> [20070706 03:15]:

>   I'm using the grml small 0.4. I created a hotplug event that automatically
> copy files to the USB stick when it's plugin. The stick is Sandisk micro
> cruzer 2G USB stick. Here is the dilema: I don't know when the copy will be
> completed without looking at the monitor, and I'm planning not to use any
> monitor. Is there a way to control the led; make it blinks every second when
> files are being copy to the stick, and/or (the most importance part) to turn
> OFF the led when the device is unmounted? (the "other" popular OS turns off
> the led when the "Safely remove hardware" is selected). Can Grml do the same
> action?

Does manually loading the usbled kernel module help?

If you want to trigger the *keyboard* LEDs on your own: there exist
several tools:

% acs led blink | grep -ie led -ie blink
blinkd - Blinks keyboard LEDs e.g. for answering machine or fax
ixbiff - notify user when mail arrives by blinking keyboard LEDs
ledcontrol - scriptable keyboard led control
ledcontrol-gtk - frontend for ledcontrol
libparportled - manage an LED device plugged on a parallel port
libparportled-dev - manage an LED device plugged on a parallel port - development files
mailleds - Blink the keyboard-LEDs for incoming mail
tleds - blinks keyboard LEDs for TX and RX network packets

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