[Grml] how to turn off / control the usb led display?

Andri Handoko aphandoko at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 02:45:07 CEST 2007

  I'm using the grml small 0.4. I created a hotplug event that automatically
copy files to the USB stick when it's plugin. The stick is Sandisk micro
cruzer 2G USB stick. Here is the dilema: I don't know when the copy will be
completed without looking at the monitor, and I'm planning not to use any
monitor. Is there a way to control the led; make it blinks every second when
files are being copy to the stick, and/or (the most importance part) to turn
OFF the led when the device is unmounted? (the "other" popular OS turns off
the led when the "Safely remove hardware" is selected). Can Grml do the same

Another question, since I need to recompile the kernel to support more than
4 serial ports (haven't have a big success yet, newbie :) ), is there a
default date configuration that I can modify to make the kernel date start
from Jan 1, 2007? so it will keep running for 50+ years from now :P

Thanks and Cheers

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