[Grml] Help needed for OLPC-Austria - School on a Stick

Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at
Thu Jul 5 18:28:12 CEST 2007

Hi to everybody!

Is anybody from the grml community interested to help the 'school on a 
stick' project from OLPC-Austria (

The idea is to provide every pupil in a class with its own bootable 
usb-stick running Linux.

Currently we have:
- A school in Vienna for testing
- 18 brand new PCs which will be delivered next week.
- A bunch of kids who will return from hiding on 3.Sep.2007.

So everything that is left to do is buying a couple of usb-sticks and 
finding a Linux distribution that is able to boot from an usb-stick :-))

cu andreas
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