[Grml] sarge and kernel 2.6.18-grml on amilopro : LAN , zsh

Frank Terbeck ft at bewatermyfriend.de
Wed Jan 17 00:37:24 CET 2007

Erich Minderlein <erminderlein at locoware.de>:
> zsh
> apart from not being able to work efficiently on this subject:

uhm, sorry, what does this mean?

> I changed the default shell for my accounts to zsh, and 
> I want the historylogging enabled,

zsh-FAQ 3.21 <http://zsh.sourceforge.net/FAQ/zshfaq03.html#l38>:

> and syntax-hilighting (also for vim),

What does syntax highlighting have to do with zsh?
In vim it's ':syn on'.

> and the intelligent tab completion of grml all best systemwide.

Well, if you want exactly grml's zsh config on other systems, read the
'Using grml's zsh configuration on a non-grml system' part of the
grml-zsh-refcard: <http://grml.org/zsh/grml-zsh-refcard.pdf>.

If you want to tweak it by yourself, check out <http://zshwiki.org>.
There are lots of great examples, as well as a quickstart guide to
configure zsh's 'compsys'.

Regards, Frank

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