[Grml] Recommended source.list and apt (pinning) setting for HD install?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Jan 8 00:23:30 CET 2007

* Robert Zöhrer <robert.zoehrer at pronet.at> [20070107 20:15]:

> But rather the whole question (for me) is when to update which (every or
> manualy selected?) packets to have a good compromise between system
> stability and up-to-dateness.

> I think I'm not able to (or there is no time to) verify each packet
> which could be updated when using debian unstable if it's high risk for
> system stability and/or security.

Then the best choice for you might be to run a full upgrade
('aptitude update; aptitude dist-upgrade') at the time when a new
grml release is available. (Of course you can update and install
some selected packages in the meantime as well - I'm talking about
the full-upgrade.)

At the time of a new grml-release
http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=upgrading should be up2date and you
should not encounter any problems - but *if* *so* they are probably
already mentioned on the wiki-page including a workaround for the
problem. Of course it's not a guaranty that all the >2000 packages
on your box work flawless (especially the ones not shipped by grml
OOTB ;)), but at least the upgrade should run quite smooth. ;)

Using the mail produced by apt-listchanges allows you to identify
new features of software and possible problems in your setup (if you
notice any). Additionally apt-listbugs should prevent you from
upgrading packages that are known to be broken.

That's BTW the way I usually handle my systems as well.

> Maybe it would be better (for me) to freeze (e.g. just a grml debian
> testing pinning) and install only security relevant updates.

Then debsecan might be interesting for you as well.

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