[Grml] Recommended source.list and apt (pinning) setting for HD install?

"Robert Zöhrer | pronet.at" robert.zoehrer at pronet.at
Sun Jan 7 19:33:51 CET 2007

Michael Prokop schrieb:

> This shouldn't be the case as the script install-packages-useful
> (part of grml2hd-utils) uses its own temporary sources.list.


> But multimedia stuff needs small adjustments because mplayer is part
> of Debian/unstable now, I'll upload a working grml2hd-utils package

yes .. I noticed some error messages from apt caused by missing or wrong
repository sources

> (fixing the multimedia stuff) soon.


>> Question: Is there a recommended way of setting up (and maintain) packet
>> assortment on a grml-HD-installation?

> Using the defaults shipped by grml works great. ;)
> It depends on your needs. If you want to "freeze your installation"
> activate only the grml-stable repository so you just receive

> bugfixes of grml-packages. If you want to stay up2date with Debian's
> pool as well just activate the unstable-pool as well - that's what
> grml ships by default.

Up2date with Debian unstable is my actual config

> You can even follow updates of sources.list.grml through symlinking
> the file ('cd /etc/apt ; ln -s sources.list.grml sources.list') - as

yes .. I allready have this symlink as well as

preferences -> preferences.grml

>> I'm searching for a solution to permanently void packet chaos (maybe)
>> caused by incompatible packet / repository dependencies when using
>> (complex) pinning as it is at grml.
> grml does not use complex pinning. :) It just looks like:

I had little fear of packet chaos and complex dependencies in time
between grml releases when updating from debian unstable and the other
(e.g. ubuntu) repositories.

But rather the whole question (for me) is when to update which (every or
manualy selected?) packets to have a good compromise between system
stability and up-to-dateness.

I think I'm not able to (or there is no time to) verify each packet
which could be updated when using debian unstable if it's high risk for
system stability and/or security.

Maybe it would be better (for me) to freeze (e.g. just a grml debian
testing pinning) and install only security relevant updates.

But this question isn't really grml specific and further was dicussed
some threads ago ;)

@mika: THX for your detailed answer


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