[Grml] Backup job default enabled

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Jan 5 10:37:05 CET 2007

* Robert Zöhrer <robert.zoehrer at pronet.at> [20070105 10:15]:

> yesterday I noticed a sytem freeze of my grml HD installation on my
> Thinkpad. After a little time of puzzling I detected a full (100%) root
> partition :/ I thougt: Who the f*** has filled up the (before) remaining
> 2 GB of space?
> -> It was a default enabled? backup job (backup-manager?) who backed up
> /home /etc and some other stuff in /backup :(

> In principle (automatic) backups is a good cause and this default
> enabled backup job is well meaning but as we see in this example it
> could be problematic.

> Backing up on same physical disk doesn't make lots of sense anyway.

> Conclusio: I won't enable such probably space/resource consuming
> automatic tasks per default.

They aren't enabled by default unless you specify something
different inside grml2hd. :)

The script remove-packages-server provides the following dialog
within grml2hd:

| Which packages would you like to keep?
| Some packages are useful only for server systems. Some other
| packages provide cron jobs you probably do not want to run. It is
| recommended to remove those packages.
| [...]

So just run remove-packages-server on your system and make sure you
remove all the packages you definitely don't need.

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