[Grml] Backup job default enabled

"Robert Zöhrer | pronet.at" robert.zoehrer at pronet.at
Fri Jan 5 09:51:38 CET 2007


yesterday I noticed a sytem freeze of my grml HD installation on my
Thinkpad. After a little time of puzzling I detected a full (100%) root
partition :/ I thougt: Who the f*** has filled up the (before) remaining
2 GB of space?
-> It was a default enabled? backup job (backup-manager?) who backed up
/home /etc and some other stuff in /backup :(

In principle (automatic) backups is a good cause and this default
enabled backup job is well meaning but as we see in this example it
could be problematic.

Backing up on same physical disk doesn't make lots of sense anyway.

Conclusio: I won't enable such probably space/resource consuming
automatic tasks per default.

p.s.: I certainly have a (central) backup solution via server ;)

Regards Robert

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