[Grml] virtual x windows server, possible or not?

Franz Lax Franz at lax.priv.at
Thu Feb 22 08:41:41 CET 2007

hi doug
there is in deed work underway to create a software abstraction layer
for gui only programms. klaus knopper is in one of the working groups
to add on text output in addion to the gui output, as his adriane
project would greatly benefit from such an approach. so he said at the
asia linux conference.

* Doug Smith <bdsmith at oralux.org> [2007-02-22 04:54]:
> This is a really strange question, but I feel that it must be answered, either in the positive or negative in order that 
> I might know if I will be able to continue to compute for the forseeable future.  
> What is the possibility of building a kind of x windows server that is really not a window system at all? What I mean is 
> this: 
> For the past 21 years, as of August 18, 2006, I have used computers, and have done so successfully.  I have done it all 
> with text-only systems, on which I have been able to run any program that I have wanted to run.  Now, we have a problem, 
> and I mean a big one.  It is called the graphical user interface.  
> I do not mean to put anyone down, or show disrespect, for the ways in which other people choose to use computers.  What 
> I need is a way to make the programs written for the graphical user interface work on the console so that I will not 
> have to make that change in the future to an interface which I really do not like.  
> Is it possible to take those programs and make them work as I want them to, without losing anymore of their 
> functionality, than the graphical part? For example, a javascript-enabled browser such as mozilla or firefox should be 
> able to render its output as text, while still able to perform all of its functionality with the exception of that which 
> directly involves images.  Is this possible? 
> What if I want to use an office application, or some kind of video-intensive program, but I only need the messages and 
> other text stuff they put out?  
> What I am asking is this: Since the x-windows libraries, support applications, and other components are on grml, is it 
> possible to use these to make a kind of virtual x server that will render things on the console so that I can continue 
> to use speakup? 
> Speakup is the best speech interface I have used in all the time I have been using computers, and I like it.  
> If there are any takers on the list, that is, sighted people who want to work with me so that we can get this project 
> going, please feel free to contact me.  

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