[Grml] remastering a live cd, Can someone explain it to me?

Doug Smith bdsmith at oralux.org
Tue Feb 13 20:46:09 CET 2007

 I knownow this is a real strange one.  I am, however, feeling more and
 more comfortable on this list, and I thought it might be possible to
 understand something that I have wondered about for a couple of
 What I want to know is how do you actually make a live cd?  What I
 mean is this, and I will explain what I mean in more detail.  
 Ok, starting from a running grml system on your development machine,
 all the programs are on there, the bugs are out, to the best of your
 knowledge, and you are ready to make a new release.  What is done to
 get from that to the iso file system with its large compressed file
 system, and the other files that are with it. 
 I know how to make an iso-9660 file system, at least, well enough to
 make a cd, but how do you make the thing bootable? How does the
 technology work that is used to compress the software and
 documentation down?  How does the thing know which parts of this
 large file to use when accessing programs? 
 Why I wonder this is, I like to add in a few packages that I use.  I
 would like to have my own disk with config files, new packages and
 more so that I can just set up on any machine and rock and roll.  
 If you don't have the time to explain this to me in full detail, do
 you know of a good reference where I can just read about it and get
 all the detæils?  I really appreciate this, because the person who
 tried to explain this to me before, didn't put on a lievl where I
 could understand it.  
 I am sorry to come on here with such strange questions, but I hope
 there is a simply-understood answer for this one.  
 Thank you. 
I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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