[Grml] Network devices - stop automatic connection [SOLVED]

Frank Eisenblaetter feisenbl at gmx.de
Fri Feb 9 19:13:35 CET 2007

* Michael Prokop <mika at grml.org> [070209 18:39]:
> > I use grml on hd.
> > * Network device eth0 detected, DHCP broadcasting for IP
> > (Backgrounding)
> > I think the connection get's established because an init script
> > detects my networkdevice an runs a DHCP-client butI dont't know 
> > which script it is.
> The script named grml-autoconfig within grml2hd asked you for
> setting it:
> | [x] check for network devices and run pump (get ip-address via DHCP)
> > How can i stop the autoconnection of my network device(s)?
> > Or is there an other grml/debian way of configuring network devices?
> Either run grml-autoconfig and deactivate the dhcp option or
> manually set CONFIG_DHCP='no' in /etc/grml/autoconfig.

I did it with grml-autoconfig and it worked as expected.

> > 2)
> > On system startup I get the message:
> > EXT3-fs warning: maximal mountcount
> > The message tells me that I should run e2fsck. Why isn't this done
> > automatical as it is on any other linux I uses before?
> Because max-mount-counts and interval-between-checks for ext3 is set
> to '0' within grml2hd using tune2fs. This way you will never have an
> unwanted, unexpected delay at booting your system just because of an
> automatic filesystem check.

I thought it's a bug, but it is a feature :-D.

Thanks for fast reply.


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