[Grml] system time is too slow on a grml guest inside vmware server on a grml host

Peter p.vittali at tonhof.ch
Thu Dec 6 07:15:45 CET 2007


I have problems getting the time stable on a grml 1.0 guest running 
inside a vmware virtual machine on a grml 1.0 host.

The host is synchronized via chrony and it works.
The guest is getting behind the host system time very rapidly (approx 10 
Mins in an hour)
I tried various options:
   1     with chrony and without vmware tools time sync
   2     the inverse
   3   some hacks include:
       kern.hz=100 in lilo.conf

nothing works.
I also have a grml 1.0 running as guest inside vmware workstation (the 
commercial product tp vmware server) on a Windows 2000 host (which has 
no time sync) . Here , the guest has no time sync with the host and uses 
chrony . Everything works in this case.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot

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