[Grml] Installing GRML with Speech

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 22:51:22 CET 2007

Hello, I am a blind computer user, and am trying to install GRML on my laptop computer. My setup is as follows:
I'm using the speakup_synth=ltlk boot parameter to start my external synthesizer, however I wish to also use a 2 gb swap partition that I have created just in case. How can I run grml2hd to do this? Also, how do I go about installing TTSynth to have software speech via Speakup afterwards? I have the deb image needed for TTSynth. I just need the library it needs to install. And also, what steps are needed to get Gnome and Orca running? Sorry to ask so many questions, but this is the best Linux distro that has detected all my hardware, and seems to work the best with the sound card, which is a must when you are a blind laptop Linux user. So any help I could get would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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