[Grml] I'm back, and which file contains the default sound settings?

Frank Eisenblaetter feisenbl at gmx.de
Thu Aug 30 21:08:37 CEST 2007

* Doug Smith <dougsmith1 at charter.net> [070830 19:49]:
> Ok, I have a real good one here.  Which file contains the default
> settings which are used to bring up the sound system when the grml
> system starts?  The reason I am asking this, is, that, this machine
> has an internal microphone in it, and, when you run swspeak, the thing
> comes on along with the speakers, resulting in an absolutely aweful,
> ear-splitting shriek.  
> Well, it also causes another funny side effect.  When this happens, I
> am, then, not able to manipulate the settings of the sound system to
> set it right.  It takes me several tries to get into my system, and it
> absolutely freaks the people on my hall out, including my roommate.  
> Well, if I can find this file, I can set it up such that the mic does
> not come on when the speakers do.  

Hello Doug,

you can adjust your mixer settings with alsamixer or amixer. There is a
init-script called alsa-utils which stores the mixer settings as you
shutdown your system an restores them on boot.
You can also manually store the mixer setting with:

alsactl store

> Thanks for the info. 

I hope this helps.


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