[Grml] Wishlist item: yeahconsole

Marcus Blumhagen marcus.blumhagen at web.de
Tue Aug 28 03:19:37 CEST 2007


first of all I'd like to thank the devs for providing one of the best,
if not *the* best, linux live system I have come across to date.

I like the very good default configurations for the applicatins I have
used so far. Especially I like how you made GNU/screen and zsh shine.
I had to adapt those configs for my Debian box, since the usability is
greatly improved. Also it was the first time I have ever used zsh and
thanks to your work I now have a shell on steroids :). I use it as my
default login shell on any system I can get it. I can never live
without it anymore. You've got it alright when saying: "zsh rocks." :)

But I am missing a tiny application, which for me greatly improves my
experience of using the X environment. It is called 'yeahconsole' [1],
a drop down terminal emulator which is capable of embedding an xterm
or an urxvt. By using it together with GNU/screen I could reduce the
number of open urxvt windows to just one. And there is no need to
retag the x-terminal window (or make it sticky) just because one wants
one GNU/screen session on all workspaces.

By default one can toggle its visibility by the shortcut CTRL-MOD-Y
and it is reachable from every virtual dektop or workspace. It is of
course very customisable through Xresources and has a full screen mode
too (MOD-F11 by default), so one is able to get a nice fullscreen high
resoultion terminal under X even beyound the limitations of the
textmode console.

And last but not least its installed size is <100KB.

Or maybe there is something similar already in grml? I have checked
[2] but there seems to be nothing. I have search that list for kuake,
yeahconsole, tilda and yakuake since those are the alternatives I know
about on a Debian system. But in the lack of more fantasy what to
search apt-cache for, I might have missed one.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/x11/yeahconsole
[2] http://grml.org/files/release-1.0/dpkg_list

Again, thanks a lot for grml and kind regards
Marcus Blumhagen

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more
violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move
in the opposite direction."
                                                      -- Albert Einstein
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