[Grml] Why does the speech system like to spell instead of readwords?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Aug 21 21:06:50 CEST 2007

* Martin McCormick <martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu> [20070820 22:42]:
> "Tom Moore" writes:

> > The reason for Speakup spelling words has to do with the preempt kernel
> > option being turned on in the default Grml kernel.
> > If you compile a kernel with the Grml sources and turn this option off 
> > this
> > will go away and Speakup will operate as you expect.

> 	I am quoting a message from the archives that was posted
> last March. I downloaded the live CD grml_1.0.iso image
> and am experiencing this very problem with software speech.

> 	Before reen venting any more wheels than necessary, is
> there any ISO image of this live CD that has the kernel compiled
> without the preempt option turned on?

No, at least there's no ISO image by the grml team with preempt
being turned off. Maybe someone on the speakup mailinglist has such
an ISO for you (IIRC there was someone).

> 	Does this, itself cause any other side effects?

Well, you lose the preempt features. ;)

> 	Another idea might be to have 2 kernels on the live CD
> and boot from, say, grml or grml-alt. Judging from the present
> size of this image, there might not be enough room for that, but
> it is a thought.

No, that's not an option (due to maintenance and space reasons) for
us, sorry. Especially as speakup (which provides the speech feature)
does not work any longer with kernels >=2.6.22. Let's see what
future will bring us.

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